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Premium Delivered Meals Business - Recommended by GPS in North Wales

Homemade & Hand-delivered Meals was founded in October 2014 – The idea was founded from a thought, that people should be able to eat fresh, quality meals without having to cook from scratch themselves.  By using modern heat sealed meal trays,  for hygiene and ease, we can provide  Hand Cooked Convenient Meals.
Supermarket shelves are full of Ready Meals made in factories, filled with artificial flavours, preservatives & additives and frankly we believe people deserve better options.
In order to provide a more nutritious alternative. In 2014 we built commercial grade kitchens at our home on the Conwy Valley and launched HHD Meals Ltd. 
We source our ingredients from local suppliers and use Fresh Meat, Fish & Vegetables to make delicious meals. Menus contain a variety of traditional, simple taste choices or more Modern Flavours with a range  of prices for all palates.
Couple this with a door to fridge service and our customers say we provide a great customer experience

With so many different  ways to order and pay –  ordering and eating a meal that can be reheated in 3 minutes can make life  easier for you, family members or your carers.

“We make our food using great ingredients and make really tasty gravy’s and sauces the old way, using meat juices and vegetable stocks. This means our Food is genuine from start to finish.”

OUR CUSTOMERS ARE REGULARS: •  Families living away from elderly parents feel they can trust us to help out. •  Local GPs are beginning to notice the quality, nutritious food we provide and pass on our details to patients who want to eat better.
Email us at meals.del@gmail.com  or simply ring for a chat  and more information:  07462 583290 or 01492 650058.


January 2018 Mr & Mrs Simpson

' The service is excellent, the meals are delicious with plenty of choice. We look forwards to having a lovely homecooked meal every weekend'

January 2018 Dr Elwyn Evans

'Thanks for everything, my parents enjoy every single meal, not a scrap left on any plate and I've enjoyed not having to cook by ordering an extra one when i've been home!'

Mrs White
“The Food is delicious, but for me it is the service that stands out. Karen is my delivery driver who is always so helpful and puts my meal in the fridge and a few times after I was recovering from a bad fall she even heated up my meal for me. Nothing is too much trouble.” 

“Always consistent, catering for all tastes and with a personal touch for those with allergies and food intolerances. Never disappointing.” Sue Bailey

“Your Meals have been an absolute godsend to our family in making sure that Dad is eating well now he’s on his own. Working full time, it was a real worry how to make sure he got fresh, nutritious but easily prepared meals. We have come to rely, very much upon your excellent service.” Anon – as child of lone parent

“For many years I have suffered stomach problems. I used to eat erratically and often ready meals. Since I have been eating HHD Meals which is over 12 months now, I haven’t experienced stomach problems for some time.” Dorothy Nelson


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